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What Law Firms Need to Know About Cyber Security

Law firms face significant cyber security risks. Any time you combine personal data, confidential information, money and a hurried staff, you open the door for malicious actors.

Protect Now Provides Cyber Security Solutions for Law Firms

Most law firms should simply put the words, “Phish Me!” on their websites. Take a look around your office. Who is opening email and answering phone calls and texts? How much cyber security training do they have?

The American Bar Association has established an ethical responsibility for cyber security at law firms. That means more than turning on Windows Defender or paying for an SSL Certificate for your law firm’s website.

Understand That Your Law Firm Is a Target

Every law firm faces cyber threats. You have personal information, confidential information, evidentiary information and access to bank accounts and credit cards. You may also hold personal health information or the details of confidential settlements. Businesses and government agencies that hold these types of information spend tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of  dollars a year to protect it. You give passwords to college interns.

Understand That Your Attackers Are Sophisticated

Organized hacker groups and state-backed organizations are responsible for an increasing number of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. The more visible you are, the more likely you are to be on their radar. You are not trying to stop a bored high school dropout or someone sending mass emails full of typos. You are facing off against professional hackers, some using military-grade spy tools, who have developed sophisticated social engineering strategies to gain access to systems. You probably have office wireless that’s accessible from the sidewalk outside.

Understand That the Consequences Can Be Significant

Paying $10,000 in Bitcoin for a decryption key probably won’t wreck your business, but having details of all your settlements posted online will. What if hackers gain access to evidence that prevents a prosecution or destroys a defense? What if they gain access via your systems to a client’s bank accounts? Could you withstand the damage to your reputation and credibility? Could you afford the liability if hackers stole from or extorted a client?

Understand That Your Responsibilities Make You Vulnerable

Law firms are a great target for cyber attackers because staff interacts with the public all day long. Email, phone calls, texts and people accessing your Wi-Fi are part of routine business operations. You cannot simply block access to public communication or route it through one person in the office. You need to train everyone on cyber security risks.

Whether you run a massive firm with your own IT specialist or have a few people connecting to Wi-Fi, Protect Now has a cyber security solution for you. We built our programs to serve real estate agencies that have similar user profiles and networks to most law firms. Our training programs were adapted from soluions developed for Fortune 500 companies. They work because they’re based in reality and presented in plain English.

Cyber Security eLearning: Our self-directed video library can be used by anyone to become a cyber threat assessment and mitigation master.

Cyber Security Training Sessions: Available in person or via webinar, these sessions provide interactive, hands-on experiences and personal attention during question-and-answer segments.

ThreatReady: Our specialized anti-phishing program uses simulated attacks and ongoing microlearning modules customized to reinforce areas where more training is needed.

Virtual CISO: C-Suite executive IT and cyber security services provided via a fractional model, allowing you to improve cyber security, grow your network and protocols as your firm grows, and stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Contact Us for Law Firm Cyber Security

Our approach to cyber security allows participants – even the interns – to identify and mitigate cyber threats with confidence. We work with your staff and your systems and offer exceptional cyber security assessment and protection at a fair price. Speak to a cyber security expert who can help you assess your needs.

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