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Clicked on a Scam Link? What to Do Now

Help! I Clicked on a Scam Link. What Do I Do Now?

Follow Our Free Guide to Stop a Cyber Attack

If you clicked on a scam link, your business or personal information could be under attack immediately. Protect Now has developed a series of free guides to help you stop an attack, prevent damage and protect your data.

Cyber Crime Response Kit

If you clicked on a scam link, download this document now and follow the instructions to prevent or stop a cyber attack.


This document offers simple, step-by-step instructions to prevent a cyber attack from spreading to other devices, to prevent additional damage to an infected device and to restore a device so that it can safely be used. Do not hesitate. If you clicked a scam link or phishing link, download this guide now to stop identity theft, credential theft, malware or ransomware attacks.


Peparing Your Systems to Stop and Recover from Cyber Attacks

Are you prepared to respond quickly to a potential cyber attack? This guide presents 8 steps that any individual or business owner can use to secure business systems and be ready to respond in the event of a cyber attack.



Decision-Making Framework

If your business was under attack, who would respond, and what would they do? Quick action can prevent customer data theft, business data loss and ransomware attacks. We developed this guide to help business owners establish protocols and responsibilities for cyber attack response, so when an attack begins, you will be ready to shut it down.


Decision-Making Framework PDF

The Best Defense Against Scam Links Is Cyber Security Employee Training

Employee training will teach staff the right way to handle suspicious links in email, text messages and search results. Protect Now developed our Cyber Social Identity (CSI) Protection Certification to provide practical, empowering guidance that uses psychology to unlock changes in behavior. This program is CE eligible for real estate professionals in many states, and is available through in-person or virtual group training sessions as well as individual eLearning modules.

You can also book our Head of Training, Robert Siciliano, as a cyber security speaker for your next association, industry or company event. Robert’s energizing, engaging presentations tackle current cyber security threats to small- and mid-sized businesses, leaving attendees with knowledge and specific skills to stay safe online.

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