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Dark Web Monitoring for Small Businesses

Dark Web Monitoring for Small Businesses

At Last, An Affordable Dark Web Monitoring Service

Learn what cyber criminals are sharing about you and your business

With Dark Web monitoring from Protect Now, you can elevate your cyber security and awareness to the highest level. What if you knew a cyber attack was coming? What if you knew the information you needed to protect? What if you discovered new information about you, your clients, or your business circulating online?


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The Highest Level of Cyber Security

Cyber attacks aren’t random. They occur after compromising information appears on the Dark Web. If you know that information is out there, you know you’re vulnerable to attack and you can put your employees on alert.

What We Detect

We search the Dark Web for keywords associated with your brand, your executives and your product names. You get updates on what we find, allowing you to take action ahead of potential breaches, or to respond to new material found on the Dark Web.

These data can provide advance warning that a cyber attack, phishing attempt or smear campaign is coming. Data can also be used to identify past breaches for your company and your key employees. If an employee’s credentials appear on the Dark Web from a breach, you will know about it immediately so you can take steps to secure your systems and alert staff to possible attacks.

  • Potential cyber attacks
  • VIP executive targeting
  • Smearing or slander campaigns
  • Post-breach data sharing
  • Brand damage40
  • Extortion or misinformation campaigns

Industry Leading Dark Web Monitoring Built for Small Businesses

Until now, businesses that wanted access to Dark Web monitoring services had to pay big-business rates to get access. Our monitoring service makes that data accessible and affordable. We begin with a deep dive on terms and names relevant to your business to establish what’s out there. Then we monitor for any new data that appears. You get immediate notification when new data about you shows up on the Dark Web, which can signal that a cyber attack is imminent, or that a data breach occurred.

Because our Dark Web monitoring service detects any new information about you or your business, it will detect sophisticated breaches that escape other cyber security monitoring systems, allowing you to take action immediately and stop a breach in progress. Elevated Dark Web chatter about your business or employees can provide an early warning of attempted intrusions or phishing attacks.

This service closes the gaps left by all other cyber security measures, providing real-time intelligence about vulnerabilities.

How Dark Web Data Prevents Cyber Attacks

Targets Identified

Monitoring reveals any identifying information or logins that have been compromised, allowing you to see who might be spoofed in a phishing attack.

Risks Assessed

Has someone recently bought your information, or added new information about you on the Dark Web? It’s often a prelude to a cyber attack.

Breaches Detected

Cyber criminals can evade most security measures, but they’re caught the second they try to share your data on the Dark Web.

cyber threat protection

Know Your Exposure and Know That We’re Watching

Get the full picture of your current vulnerabilities and what’s circulating on the Dark Web, from logins to personal data to company data. Then sleep well knowing that any time someone tries to use it, you’ll be informed.

We leverage the combined buying power of our small-business clients to make Dark Web monitoring affordable. If you’ve been put off by high-cost Dark Web monitoring in the past, you need to talk to us.


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