Protect Now and the CSI Protection Certification secures and protects individuals and businesses from cybercrime, social media intrusion and identity theft. We provide expert training to real estate professionals everywhere and offer multiple products and services that help you combat cybercrime and financial fraud in all your transactions.


CSI Certification


The game-changing real estate certification that promotes proactive strategies to enhance safety and security for your business and your clients — and maximize your revenue.


To get CSI Protection certified — sign up now for the one-day expert instruction in a location near you. $175 per person includes a full day of one-on-one training from renowned security expert Robert Siciliano in combating cybercrime, threats to your personal security, identity theft and financial fraud. Seats are limited.

Get CSI Protection certified today and sign up now for the one-day expert instruction in a location near you.


Ripple Safety


Ripple is a lightweight and small panic button you can clip or wear wherever you like that connects you 24/7 to the Ripple Monitoring Team for uncomfortable or emergency situations.




ThreatReady Cyber Awareness Training uses state-of-the-art learning science and phishing simulations to help your staff make safe cyber practices a habit.


ID & Credit Protection


Protect Now offers full identity & credit monitoring and protection with $1 Million Zero Deductible Identity Theft Insurance and Identity Restoration for FREE, plus you can try it for 30 days free.