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Why You Need a CISO (And How to Afford One)

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A CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is a cyber security expert at the executive level of an organization. Any organization that handles digital information or uses computers as part of its daily operations needs to have executive-level information security support.

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Protect Your Identity from hackers!


The Security Guy & CIA Spy

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Cyber Security Awareness Training and Certification for Employees and Professionals in Public-Facing Businesses and Organizations


Now you can get the same cyber security training and phishing awareness training that large enterprises and government agencies use to secure their systems. Protect Now teaches anti-phishing and cyber security techniques online and in person. We work with your existing systems and provide an affordable solution for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, individuals and public-sector organizations.

Security Awareness expert - Robert Siciliano

Robert Siciliano

Head of Training At Protect Now

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eLearning Cyber and Information Security Awareness Training:

Take our online classes on your schedule to learn powerful anti-phishing and cyber security techniques.


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CSI protection certification

In-Person Cyber Security Awareness Training and Certification:

The solution for public and private organizations that need strong defense against phishing and intrusions.


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threat ready

ThreatReady Phishing Awareness:

In-depth phishing awareness training for employees that changes how people perceive and respond to threats, with customized reinforcement based on phishing simulations.


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Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO:

Our fractional CIO service includes cyber threat prevention for your existing systems and executive expertise for cyber infrastructure updates and scaling.


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cyber threat protection

If you think cyber threat protection is too expensive, or that you need to upgrade all your systems to make it work, we have the solution you need. Protect your systems and sensitive data, your reputation and your customers. Contact us to discuss your cyber security needs and our affordable, practical solutions.

Cyber Security Awareness Check

Has your personal or organizational security been breached? Get an instant answer.

Protect Now does not capture, store or share ANY information you provide to these checkers.



Your safety, security and privacy are our top priorities. We provide tools you need to protect yourself, your business and your customers.


We are committed to increase security awareness through online and in-person training for individuals and organizations.


We believe that lowering the risk of crime is possible and many attacks can be prevented through proper preparation and good habits.

    Protect yourself, your family and your business!

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