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Cyber security employee training is the most critical part of your defenses. Without employees who can recognize, stop and isolate threats, security breaks down.

Protect now creates meaningful changes in security culture through CSI Protection Certification, our proprietary cyber security employee training program that teaches people why they should be personally invested in cyber security.

Our program was developed by top cyber security speaker Robert Siciliano, who has been informing and entertaining audiences for more that two decades as a keynote speaker, event speaker and the host of cyber security seminars and a cyber security podcast.

We support our training and speaking engagements with top-quality cyber security services, including Virtual CISO service to secure, monitor and update systems; in-depth Anti-Phishing training; FTC Safeguards Rule compliance and Dark Web Monitoring that can alert you to potential attacks or breaches.

Our solutions are affordable and customized to the needs of each client. We built Protect Now after our own experiences with cyber criminals. Our mission is to prevent all cyber attacks, phishing attacks and fraud aimed at businesses and organizations.


Cyber Security instructor - Robert Siciliano
Protect Now Security Expert Robert Siciliano

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Top cyber security speaker and best-selling author Robert Siciliano has been a keynote speaker, guest speaker and featured commentator on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightline, and the Today show.

Robert’s no-tech, no-nonsense approach to cyber security comes from his personal experience as a victim of cyber crime and his years of experience empowering people to recognize, prevent and disrupt cyber attacks.

Robert will entertain, enlighten and excite your audience on a range of cyber security topics by helping

people understand the personal relationship they have with security. Using plain language, with no tech speak or jargon, Robert connects with audiences on topics including data breaches, online and familiar fraud, identity theft and personal security.



CSI Protection Certification:

The solution for public and private organizations that need strong defense against phishing and intrusions.


Dark Web Monitoring:

Learn what data about your business and key executives are circulating on the Dark Web. Discover potential attacks before they happen.

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Virtual CISO:

Our fractional CIO service includes cyber threat prevention for your existing systems and executive expertise for cyber infrastructure updates and scaling.

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Phishing Awareness Training:

In-depth phishing awareness training for employees that changes how people perceive and respond to threats, with customized reinforcement based on phishing simulations.

Cyber Security Awareness Check

Has your personal or organizational security been breached? Get an instant answer.

Protect Now does not capture, store or share ANY information you provide to these checkers.



Your safety, security and privacy are our top priorities. We provide tools you need to protect yourself, your business and your customers.


We are committed to increase security awareness through online and in-person training for individuals and organizations.


We believe that lowering the risk of crime is possible and many attacks can be prevented through proper preparation and good habits.

    Protect yourself, your family and your business!

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