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Cyber Policy

Our Cyber Policy protects your business with a customized and comprehensive cyber liability insurance program. It helps your organization deal with post-incident coverage and recovery at a lower cost than most businesses realize.


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Virtual CISO

As a Virtual CISO at your beck and call, Protect Now offers a wide range of on-demand security services at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring those same skills internally/full-time.


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ID Protection

Protect Now offers full identity & credit monitoring and theft protection. With $1 Million, Zero-Deductible Identity Theft Insurance and Identity Restoration included with your subscription at no additional cost.


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Credit Parent

The small, seemingly minor chore of freezing your child's credit can spend months on your to-do list. You need a quick, easy, hassle-free solution that doesn't break the bank. If this sounds like you, then Credit Parent is here to help.


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