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Cyber Security Employee Training

Cyber Security Employee Training

Protect Now specializes in cyber security employee training for small businesses, nonprofits and municipal agencies that interact with the public. Our employee training programs change habits, make security part of your operational culture and empower employees to handle e-mail, text and phone communications with confidence.

Our dynamic training modules are designed to address real-world security challenges, ensuring your team is prepared for anything from phishing attempts to ransomware attacks. We turn your employees into your first line of defense, safeguarding your valuable data and reputation.


Cyber Security Is Part of the Job, But Rarely Part of the Training

Every employee who touches an organization's computers, connects to a company network or answers company phones is a critical link in your cyber defenses. Cyber security is part of everyone’s job description today, but few organizations have an employee training program to build an effective “human firewall.”

The reality is simple: Without cyber security employee training, every other cyber security effort will fail. No amount of firewalls, VPNs or two-factor authentication will help if an employee unwittingly unleashes malware on your organization by clicking on an email link or responding to a text.

Employee Cyber Training that Empowers

If your company or organization interacts with the public, your employees must open attachments and download files. The simple solution taught by some cyber security companies, “Don’t open or respond to anything!” will not work for you.

We have a proven track record of teaching employees cyber security strategies that mitigate risk while allowing them to do their jobs. We focus on learning to recognize dangerous emails, texts and attachments and to carefully think before taking action. These are skills that any employee can learn.

In-Person or Online Training for Employees – It’s Your Choice


Online Cyber Security Training

Our most affordable option provides a video library where you choose when and what you want employees to learn.



Cyber Security Seminars for Employees

Online or in-person. One day or multi-day. Our seminars, led by Cyber Security Expert Robert Siciliano, can be customized to your specific employee and organizational needs. All seminars include in-depth question-and-answer sessions to reinforce learning.


What Are Your Employee Training Needs?

Unsure where to begin? Speak to an employee training specialist at Protect Now. We will help you assess your needs and find a training program that fits your employees and budget.


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