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Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing Awareness Training and Prevention

Phishing protection breaks down at the human level, which is why ProtectNow offers an affordable phishing awareness training and prevention program for small businesses and organizations that changes employee behavior toward phishing attacks. Our program reinforces learning through phishing simulations and in-depth follow-up reports to teach organizations how to prevent phishing and spear phishing.


Phishing Awareness Training

The majority of phishing awareness programs fail to create lasting change among employees. Compliance is high immediately after learning events, then fades over time, increasing vulnerability by creating a false sense of security.

Our phishing protection program is built on a series of short-term learning sessions spaced out over time and combined with simulated phishing attacks. We help employees recognize and respond to dozens of threat types, including phishing and spear phishing, with regular reinforcement and evaluation that builds healthy phishing awareness habits that last. Phishing awareness will become a key job skill for every employee, removing the greatest breach risks that most organizations face.

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See how our cyber security awareness expert Robert Siciliano phished Dr. Oz Employees:

Professionals, Small Businesses and Local Government Need Phishing Training and Awareness

If you process or store personal data, manage energy or water systems, central plants or essential power and communications infrastructure, you must take phishing threats seriously. Breaches are no longer minor intrusions by criminals looking for information to sell. Recent attacks have focused on critical energy, water and information infrastructure with the goal of disrupting daily life. Health care and energy companies have been forced to shut down systems or negotiate significant payments to hackers to get their systems back online.

Phishing attacks could put small banks, law firms and real estate professionals out of business if systems are permanently destroyed, or if personal information from clients is leaked online. Loss of accreditation and licenses could follow a breach if regulatory agencies do not believe sufficient protections were in place to prevent phishing.

All of the security software, firewalls and encryption available are no match for a determined, state-sponsored hacker.

Phishing is the technique of choice for intrusions into highly protected systems, because professional and state-sponsored hackers know that people are the weakest link in any security system.

How ProtectNow Ensures Phishing Awareness and Prevention Through Training and Simulation


No daylong, in-depth seminars. Learning takes place in short sessions over time to maximize retention.


Simulated phishing attacks measure employee response. A follow-up report identifies learning needs.


A custom program tailored to the unique needs of your employees takes shape over a full year of learning.

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