Enhance Security and Your Business

CSI Protection certification promotes proactive strategies to enhance security and protection for you, your clients and your business. Instruction and training offer the latest best practices and client-centered approaches to prevent growing cybercrime, identity theft and social media intrusions to your daily transactions.


Along with your certification, each CSI Protection graduate will receive the Ripple panic button and have access to Protect Now’s private online resource portal specifically tailored for CSI Protection graduates. Here you’ll find marketing templates, sales and outreach collateral, new instruction, resources to share with your clients, and tools and tips to leverage your CSI certification and grow your business.

Course curriculum developed by Robert Siciliano, one of America’s leading Security Awareness Trainers. Click here to learn more about Robert.

Become a Differentiator in Your Market


Security and greater protection is also a sales, marketing and strategy tool that enables market access, brand awareness, stronger reputations, and ultimately, revenue. A CSI Protection certification not only provides you the tools to protect yourself, your business and your clients — but also walks you through how being CSI-certified differentiates you from competitors in a crowded marketplace.


To get CSI Protection certified – sign up now for the one-day expert instruction in a location near you. $175 per person includes a full day of one-on-one training from renowned security expert Robert Siciliano in combating cybercrime, threats to your personal security, identity theft and financial fraud. Seats are limited.


Get CSI Protection Certified!

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