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Protect Now Clears First Step for Online Cyber Security Employee Training CE Accreditation

BOSTON, MA – July 20, 2023 — Online cyber security employee training courses from Protect Now have been certified by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). This certification represents a critical step toward offering continuing education (CE) credits for licensed real estate professionals who take Protect Now’s Cyber Social Identity (CSI) Protection Certification courses online.

IDECC is an internationally recognized standards and certification body for online and distance education. More than 40 U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions require or endorse IDECC certification as a prerequisite for state and provincial CE accreditation.

“This is both a validation of the quality of our online training courses and an important step toward getting licensed professionals the cyber security training that they need,” said Robert Siciliano, co-founder and head of training for Protect Now.  “Our in-depth employee training enables licensed professionals to protect themselves, their clients and their businesses. As we gain CE eligibility, it becomes a professional benefit as well.”

In-person training and live virtual training seminars from Protect Now are already CE-eligible in 18 states, including Florida, New York and Texas, with the company adding additional accreditations on a regular basis as it works to provide a CE-eligible program throughout the United States. Protect Now’s eLearning classes cover the same material as their in-person sessions, using a series of self-directed videos that allow students to learn at their own pace.  In addition to convenience, the eLearning provides an affordable option for individuals and small businesses.

Once a student enrolls, they have lifetime access to the video library and its updates for future reference. Protect Now regularly reviews and updates its course content in response to shifting trends in cyber crime, while teaching students to recognize and apply the value they place on personal data protection in business settings.

“A few years ago, training focused on dangerous links sent in emails and texts, as well as phishing attacks,” Siciliano explained. “Now our students face far more sophisticated attacks involving fake websites and criminals who will call on the phone and directly engage to try and steal credentials or money. We constantly monitor the threats aimed at small and midsized businesses to ensure that we provide our students the skills they need to avoid cyber crime.”

With IDECC certification in hand, Protect Now is on its way for state-level CE accreditation for its online cyber security employee training in all 50 states. Announcements of eligibility will be made in the coming months.

About Protect Now

Led by noted cyber security speaker and expert Robert Siciliano, Protect Now provides in-person, virtual and online cyber security employee training that changes attitudes toward cyber security by making it personal. The company’s in-person CSI Protection Certification is CE eligible for real estate professionals in more than 18 states, with CE eligibility pending for its eLearning modules. To learn more or try a free online employee training class, visit protectnowllc.com.

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