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Your Real Estate Agent May Have a Gun

Your Real Estate Agent May Have a Gun

If you are thinking of buying a house, and you start going to open houses, you might be surprised to learn an interesting fact: the real estate agent might be carrying a gun. Some of you reading this might have jumped to this article looking for a fight, because guns are a controversial subject and why shouldn’t your real estate agent have a gun?

Why would a real estate agent have a gun?

Real estate agents find themselves in precarious situations all of the time. They also might have to travel into neighborhoods that aren’t as safe as your typical bedroom communities. There are wayward dogs to contend with, random robberies, and the chance that a visitor to an open house has malicious thoughts. A real estate agent was killed in Maryland for a laptop and phone worth $2,000.00.

When you consider the risks, you might wonder why every real estate agent doesn’t have a gun.

The Statistics

Let’s look at some statistics: The National Association of Realtors reported that 25% of male real estate agents carry guns when on the job. The NAR report also says that more than half of all Realtors, both male and female, carry a weapon of some type to every showing. Here’s a brief synopsis:

  • Pepper Spray – 27% of female Realtors and 5% of male Realtors
  • Guns – 12% of female Realtors and 25% of male Realtors
  • Pocket Knife – 5% of female Realtors and 11% of male Realtors
  • Taser – 7% of female Realtors and 2% of male Realtors
  • Baton or Club – 3% of female Realtors and 3% of male Realtors
  • Noisemaker – 3% of female Realtors and 0% of male Realtors

Why are Realtors Afraid?

Approximately 3% of Realtors reported being physically attacked on the job in 2016. That may seem like a low number to some – to me, the only reasonable number of workplace attacks is zero – but the overall rate in the country is about 2%, which means Realtors have a higher chance of getting attacked at work than the average U.S. citizen.

Many Realtors report that they are fearful of going to work each day. An astounding 44% of female Realtors told the NAR that they were worried about going to open houses in model homes and vacant lots.

Here’s some more stats:

  • 44% of female Realtors were afraid at some point in 2017 when on the job
  • 25% of male Realtors were afraid at some point in 2017 when on the job
  • 38% of all Realtors were afraid when in a small town
  • 35% of all Realtors were afraid when in a rural area
  • 39% of all Realtors were afraid when in an urban area
  • 40% of all Realtors were afraid when in a suburb

Knowing this, it’s certainly not surprising that a Realtor would carry a gun; however, the problem with guns is that most people aren’t properly trained to use a gun. They have not been trained to use a firearm under duress.

This is not gun safety or target shooting, but how to respond with a gun if someone attacks you. Without that training, the gun is either useless or something your attacker could turn against you. It’s not unreasonable for a real estate agent to carry a gun, but if you do, be sure you seek out firearm training that includes Stress Response Training so that you will be able to properly protect yourself.

Written by Robert Siciliano, CEO of Credit Parent, Head of Training & Security Awareness Expert at Protect Now, #1 Best Selling Amazon author, Media Personality & Architect of CSI Protection Certification.

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