CSI Certification Teaches Your Company How to Be Cyber Secure – ThreatReady Training Makes It Stick!

Over 90% of cyber breaches are the result of employee actions. Given that the average cost of a cyber breach is $650,000 AND the real estate industry is the 2nd largest target of cyber attacks, that’s something you can’t afford to ignore!


ThreatReady Cyber Awareness Training helps prepare your staff for over 30 threat vectors, and instills in them the cyber safe habits so that they and your company don’t become the next cyber victim.


The Most Effective Cyber Awareness Protection You Can Get


ThreatReady Cyber Awareness Training teaches staff how to recognize and deal with dozens of threat vectors from proper password management and incident response to real world phishing simulations—in a way that employees enjoy.


It’s a full-year – so that learning translates into instinctive long-term behavior change, like putting on a seat belt or reaching for a fire extinguisher at the smell of smoke. It’s the only way to truly minimize the risk from unsafe employee behaviors.


And unlike most training programs that require fulltime trained employees to manage them, ThreatReady works with your existing staff and resources to develop a year-long awareness program customized to your specific needs – and actively helps you implement the program throughout the year.

Based on the Latest Science on How People Really Learn


ThreatReady Cyber Awareness Training is based on state-of-the-art science on how people actually learn and offers proven techniques that can help assure that your people translate what they learn to form safer habits. These include:


Active practice — gives your people the chance to actively apply what they learn.


Spaced retrieval — regular training over a period of months strengthens the pathways to permanent retention.

Interleaving—mixing concepts previously learned with new concepts better matches real life conditions and speeds learning.


Memory cues — ThreatReady training takes advantage of mnemonics, vivid images, analogies, rhymes, slogans and other brain science-proven tools to make concepts stick


The training content & deployment methodologies employed by ThreatReady is based upon scientific research of the latest science of learning techniques and behavioral change, as outlined by Henry L. Roediger – a Professor of Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis – in his book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Professor Roediger is also a company advisor!

Establish a Cyber Safe Culture

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