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Ripple Safety

Ripple Safety Personal Alert

Ripple Safety - Panic Button & Personal Monitoring

Ripple is a lightweight and small personal safety device you can clip or wear wherever you like. It connects you 24/7 to the Ripple Monitoring Team for uncomfortable or emergency situations.

Discover the revolutionary personal safety device that connects you with help in uncomfortable or emergency situations.

No more clunky panic buttons! Our Ripple is so tiny and discreet it fits perfectly on a keychain or anywhere else that’s convenient. This personal safety device can easily travel everywhere you go – so you never again have to be alone in uncomfortable situations… or an emergency. It's waterproof and doesn't need charging, so it's always ready.

Ripple Safety Button

Easy to use:

Ripple Safety logo

Ripple - personal safety device that's small, easy to use and always ready!

never needs charging

smaller than a penny

water resistant

Ripple Safety Mobile App features

smart app with all your data

connects directly to your phone

GPS tracking

3 clicks to emergency responders

1 click to call

24/7 monitoring team

Perfect for open houses and showings!

Get our reliable 24/7 monitoring and STAY SAFE!

Ripple Button
+ Monthly Monitoring Service


Ripple Button
+ 3 Months Monitoring Service


Ripple Button
+ 6 Months Monitoring Service


Ripple Button
+ 1 Year Monitoring Service


Endless ways to support your safety!

Did you know that Ripple can serve as your personal medical alert system?

Save Hundreds Per Year on Your Medical Alert System.
Our 24/7 monitoring team have you covered! Whenever you let us know the moment emergency occurs, we will send the alert straight to an emergency response system! Get Ripple Safety for yourself and your loved ones!

Ripple 24/7 Monitoring

In addition to the Ripple Button, you can also get the 24/7 support of the Ripple Monitoring team! CLICK ONCE to talk live with a Ripple Safety team member who has your profile, instructions and location at their fingertips. They will stay on the phone with you until you feel safe. Or CLICK THREE TIMES and Ripple Safety will dispatch emergency services to your location and relay the critical physical and medical information in your profile to first responders.

Discreet service - Always there, always ready.

Our team is always with you. Press Ripple once and instantly receive a call from our professional monitoring team who will check to see if you are safe.

Your Ripple device is discreetly designed so only you know you have it.

Your alerts display your personal profile to our team so you are not required to spend precious time verbally communicating information in an emergency.

Easy to use - One Click for Uncomfortable Situations, Three Clicks for Emergency.

Click your Ripple Button, or use the mobile app, to send a text to your pre-selected friends letting them know you are in an uncomfortable situation. If enabled, they will also receive a view of your location. If it's an emergency, simply click the Ripple three or more times or use the in-app trigger and your friends will get all the information required to help you.*
* If you do not purchase the monitoring, the button can be programmed to text your emergency contacts instead.

Stay Safe Wherever, Whenever


Register for our 6 Texas CE Credits Class and get FREE Ripple Button!


“This is EXACTLY what I wish I had when I was in college in Philadelphia, and would walk to the train station after dark. I haven’t had to use it for real yet, but have set it off accidentally several times- they called within about ten seconds and texted within fifteen. They were so nice and I feel very comfortable knowing that it’s there. I got another one for my mom. Definitely recommend.”

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