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Protect Legacy Systems with a VCISO Now

If you run legacy systems at your small business, you need a VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) to help you evaluate and protect them. There is no greater vulnerability for a small business, nonprofit or municipal organization than a mission-critical legacy system that no longer receives security updates. The bad guys know those systems are out there. They know who runs them. They will find you and attack you.

Legacy Systems Protection with a VCISO

What do I do when my software is no longer supported?

Hire a VCISO as soon as you learn that mission-critical software will no longer be supported by its publisher. Hire a VCISO now if you’ve been running legacy software without security updates.

Many small businesses rely on legacy systems for mission-critical operations. Examples include:

  • Inventory management software
  • Production management systems
  • Water or energy control systems
  • Donor or client databases
  • Interactive Voice Response systems
  • Financial processing software
  • CAD and other types of design software

Organizations that run legacy systems do so because there is physical equipment reliant on the system, or because critical operations require the system. In some cases, these systems run on custom-designed hardware, but in many cases they operate on modified MS-DOS and Linux operating systems that are notoriously insecure.

What can a VCISO do with legacy systems?

A VCISO is an executive who specializes in information and cyber security and offers their services on a fractional basis. Most smaller businesses, nonprofits and municipal governments cannot afford to hire a cyber security executive, but they can afford the fractional service a VCISO provides. Clients get the benefit of executive-level experience and knowledge without the cost of hiring an executive.

The first thing a VCISO will do with legacy systems is analyze their purpose and cyber security risks. A VCISO will then develop a plan to secure or possibly replace legacy systems. They will then implement that plan, including any necessary cyber security training for employees.

Will a VCISO force system changes?

VCISOs  work closely with stakeholders to find affordable security solutions and ways to keep mission-critical services available. There are situations where it is less expensive to install modern systems than to secure legacy systems.

A VCISO will help you navigate those changes by recommending and implementing new software that can do the job a legacy system does, This outside support and perspective is sometimes needed to give organizations the confidence to move on from outdated and potentially inefficient systems. With a VCISO, the transition will be fully supported with a plan to shift to new systems and full training for everyone who needs it.

What does a VCISO cost?

The  cost for VCISO services depends on the VCISO’s expertise and the nature of the work an organization needs. Securing legacy systems can be involved, but in the current environment it is an absolute necessity. Imagine the cost to your organization if your legacy system is wiped out, or if all of your data are lost or stolen.

Attacks like this take place every day, and hackers are actively looking for the online signatures of legacy systems to launch their attacks. If your legacy systems are online even in a roundabout way, you should expect that they will be targeted.

With a VCISO, you will be prepared for those attacks. Protect Now VCISOs specialize in legacy systems and public-facing organizations. We understand that legacy systems are a critical component of your operations, and that you need an affordable way to keep them safe.

Contact us online or call us at 1-800-658-8311 to speak to a cyber security expert. We will help you estimate your needs and costs with no obligation.

Written by Robert Siciliano, CEO of Credit Parent, Head of Training & Security Awareness Expert at Protect Now, #1 Best Selling Amazon author, Media Personality & Architect of CSI Protection Certification.

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