Information Security Consultant

Information Security Consultant for Public-Facing Companies and Organizations

We are the affordable information security consultant your small business, nonprofit or municipality has been looking for. We specialize in information security consulting for public-facing companies and organizations. We don’t speak tech or terrify your staff. We provide workable information security solutions that work with your existing systems and allow you to engage confidently with the public.

Information Security Consulting Services

Our approach to information security consulting is tailored to your specific needs. You can choose as many or as few services as you like.


Virtual/Fractional CISO

Put an executive-level information security consultant to work for you at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Our Virtual CISO service provides fully customized information security consulting based on your systems, your people and your needs.



Anti-Phishing Training

Using the science of microlearning and simulated phishing attacks, this program evaluates staff over time and includes customized post-simulation reporting that identifies the areas and individuals in need of further reinforcement.



Cyber Liability Insurance

In addition to information security consulting, we provide both cyber liability insurance and services to help you comply with due diligence requirements of your existing cyber security insurance. If you think a policy by itself covers you, we need to talk.


More Flexibility Than Other Information Security Consulting Firms

Some information security consulting firms demand that you use their software or their system architecture to protect your business and the people you serve. Some firms leave employees so terrified of attachments that they won’t open emails.

We get it. Those solutions do not work for you. You need an information security consultant who can harden your systems against cyber threats and empower your staff to handle email, text and attachments with confidence. Contact us now to speak to a cyber security expert and raise your information security.