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Sponsor CE Credits Cybersecurity Class For Real Estate Agents

Win Realtor Loyalty! 

Sponsor Value-packed 6 CE Cybersecurity Training

Generate High-Quality Leads, Become a Safety & Security Leader, Win Agents’ Loyalty, and Help Prevent Wire Fraud.


Why Partner with Us for CE Credits Training?

  • Marketing Edge: Differentiate your brand by sponsoring a CE credits training that positions you as a thought leader in cybersecurity. This unique marketing strategy can attract new clients and retain loyal ones.
  • Offer Valuable CE Credits: By sponsoring our accredited classes, you'll provide real estate agents with the CE credits they need. Invest in their professional growth while reinforcing the industry's integrity.
  • Protect Your Clients: Equip real estate agents with tools to prevent wire fraud and secure client data. Your sponsorship ensures that agents are well-prepared to face today's digital challenges.
  • Enhance Your Reputation: Show your commitment to excellence and cybersecurity. Your sponsorship underscores your brand's position as a responsible industry leader.
  • Mitigate Financial Risks: Wire fraud is not just an abstract threat; it's a tangible risk. Our classes teach prevention techniques that protect your business and your clients' financial interests.
  • Build Strong Relationships: Strengthen connections with real estate agents through collaboration. Your sponsorship demonstrates your value as a trusted partner, encouraging long-term relationships.
  • Collaborate with Knowledgeable Agents: Engage with agents who are versed in cyber risks and wire fraud prevention. Enhance your prevention strategies and reduce financial risk through effective collaboration.

Typically a sponsorship pays for itself with just one or a couple transactions.

CSI Protection Certification by Remax

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Meet Robert Siciliano: The Expert Behind Our Training

Robert Siciliano is the Head of Training at Protect Now and a renowned expert in cybersecurity and personal protection. With years of experience in the field, Robert brings an engaging and informative presentation style that captivates his audience. His dedication to educating real estate agents and other professionals about cybersecurity threats and prevention techniques has made him a sought-after speaker and trainer in the industry.

Robert's courses are not only designed to provide actionable information but also to empower individuals to take control of their digital lives. His unique blend of expertise, humor, and visual aids ensures a learning experience that resonates on both a professional and personal level. By sponsoring a CE credits cybersecurity class led by Robert, you align your brand with quality, integrity, and cutting-edge knowledge.

What real estate agents value the most in our CE Credits Classes?

  • engaging and informative presentation style by Robert Siciliano
  • relevant and actionable information on cyber security and personal protection
  • visual aids to aid in learning and retention
  • humor that keeps the audience interested
  • organization and ease of understanding
  • value for the attendees' personal and professional lives
  • importance for both business and personal cyber safety

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 How do we highlight you as a sponsor?

As a sponsor of our CE Credits Cybersecurity Class, we don’t just appreciate your support; we showcase it. Choose a sponsorship package and gain:

  • exclusive stage time to present your message
  • be featured across all the class-related promotional channels: email marketing materials, social media posts, social media paid advertising, pre and post-class newsletters
  • get permanent exposure as a trusted sponsor on Protect Now’s website
  • elevate your brand's visibility, influence, and impact

It's not just sponsorship; it's a partnership that amplifies your leadership role in the industry. 


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