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Criminals are stealing house titles from unsuspecting homeowners. The cops show up, knock on the door, and escort you out of your own home. Early detection is imperative for title theft prevention. Home Title Lock Can Help.


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In 2008, the FBI started to encounter 'House Stealing' and outlined the process criminals are using to commit fraud. How Thiefs Are Successfully Transferring Your Deed Into Their Name...

How con artists do it?


The con artist picks a home.
It can be a vacation home.
Or someone could be living there.


They steal the homeowner's identity. Or they act like they will help refinance the home.


They transfer the home's deed into their name. Or they buy your home using a fake identity.

The FBI is now calling 'title theft' one of the fastest-growing white-collar crimes in America. Title fraud remains under-reported with losses totaling more than $5 billion in 2015.

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Introducing a New Way to Stop Home Title Theft Dead in Its Tracks. Con artists are online working around the clock to make a quick buck. Home Title Lock is doing the same to protect you and your family from falling victim to their crimes.

How our Home Title Theft Protection Works:

Property Protection
For pennies a day, you can rest assured that criminals will never steal your home from under your feet. Home Title lock offers consultations, education, property monitoring, and fraud resolution for one small monthly fee.

Scam Stopper
The instant title tampering is detected Home Title Lock will deploy an action plan to help protect your home. In the case your title becomes compromised, our experts will assist you until you're in the clear.

Immediate Alerts
Being proactive and taking early action is imperative to prevent your home from being stolen. Home Title Lock alerts you of any suspicious activity involving the deed to your home.

Aren't I protected by my bank?

Unfortunately, the way criminals are transferring the titles into their names prevents the banks from helping. If action isn't taken right away, then there's almost nothing you or your bank can do.

Isn't this covered by home insurance?

Insurance won't cover the fraud either for many of the same reasons as banks won't. Once it gets to a certain point, there's nothing they can do. But also, it's not something covered in your policy.

What about my title insurance, doesn't that cover theft?

No, your title insurance only protects you from defects in the title that may have occurred in the past. It doesn't cover you from a fraudulent conveyance of your title by cyber criminals.

How do I know that I'm at risk of being a victim of title fraud?

Most homeowners are at risk. However, some are more so than others. Seniors, high equity homes, industry professionals, and rentals are at very high risk for fraudulent home claims.

How Much Is Protecting Your Family's Home Worth To You?

At Home Title Lock, we'll work around the clock to protect you against a variety of different property crimes:

Title fraud

Mortgage fraud

Foreclosure and home equity fraud

A recent account statement from a bank, insurance, or utility

Mail and wire fraud

Purchase a plan today and start protecting your home from being stolen.
Get Protected Against Home Title Theft

Use the code: PROTECTNOW to get 10% off 1 or 4 year plans!


No Matter What Happens Home Title Lock Have You Covered! We have a process that allows us to make sure every nook and cranny of your home are protected against fraudulent activity.


Before Home Title Lock can start protecting you and your family from fraud, you will need to sign up by purchasing one of our plans.


Home Title Lock be continually scanning public records looking for suspicious activities. We then send you alerts and reports.


If something were to pop up, then you can rest assured there will be someone alongside you the entire way.


Home Title Lock has lawyers and experts to help the very second anything fraudulent happens to your title or property.

Get protection today, so that you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.
Get Protected Against Home Title Theft

Use the code: PROTECTNOW to get 10% off 1 or 4 year plans!