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The Security Guy & CIA Spy Podcast, Episode 1

Stay on top of what is new and ahead of what is next on all things tech, digital literacy and security.

Welcome to The Security Guy & CIA Spy, the podcast where Security Expert Robert Siciliano and former CIA Intelligence Officer Peter Warmka talk openly about outsmarting hackers, scammers, and other cybercriminals! With every episode, we will expose personal security vulnerabilities, cybercrime, analyze the victim’s circumstances, and teach you how to become the toughest target possible for various online threats! Because when The Security Guy meets CIA Spy, hackers and attackers have nowhere to hide! Let’s dive in, and help you skyrocket your security awareness!

Episode's keynotes / comments

According to Statista cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing security threats in the United States. Building security awareness is more important than ever! Together with Peter Warmka (former CIA Agent and founder of Counterintelligence Institute), we launched a cybersecurity podcast. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations protect themselves from hackers, attackers, and their vicious plans! The Security Guy & CIA Spy Podcast will be published bi-monthly and we plan to feature criminal scenarios that can help you avoid predators!

Math correction: according to IBM's report the cost of ransomware to the US economy in 2019 was 7.9 billion dollars



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