Cyber Security User Awareness Training

Cyber Security User Awareness Training

Cyber security user awareness training from Protect Now was built to meet the unique needs of public-facing businesses, nonprofits and municipal users. Working closely with real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies, and financial services providers, we built training programs that recognize the need to handle attachments and unsolicited communications while protecting highly sensitive personal information.

Our user awareness training is designed to change your company culture and habits around e-mail, phone and text communications. The difference is what we teach. Some cyber security user awareness training courses teach fear. Employees complete the course and learn to never open anything without someone else’s approval, if at all.

We understand that you cannot run your organization like that, so we empower employees. We teach a conscientious approach to handling electronic communications that shows users the right way to evaluate messages and attachments before they take action. This provides strong defense against sophisticated phishing and malware attacks, because users have been trained to think about what they are doing and what they are seeing.

Choose the Cyber Security Awareness Training That Fits Your Organization and Needs

Protect Now offers three main cyber security awareness training programs.


Phishing Prevention Training

All public-facing agencies benefit from this cyber security training, which uses simulated phishing attacks and microlearning to enable staff to identify and isolate malicious communications. After each simulated attack, you receive a report on response and customized refreshers to improve performance.



Cyber Security User Awareness Seminars

Choose from in-person or webinar user awareness seminars for groups of any size. These seminars, taught by Cyber Security Expert Robert Siciliano, can be customized to include in-depth training on threats or use cases specific to your organization. Engaging question-and-answer sessions deliver targeted learning.



Cyber Security Online Training

Our self-directed online training program allows users to learn at their own pace. The video modules can then be used as a reference or refresher resource whenever needed. The ideal solution for those new to cyber security user awareness or for small businesses with general cyber security needs.


Talk to a User Awareness Training Expert

Cyber security is part of every employee’s job, and it takes robust awareness training to ensure that employees can succeed in preventing phishing, malware, ransomware and breaches. Contact us to speak to a cyber security expert. We will help you evaluate your needs and current organizational training level, then match you with the right solutions to protect your organization, your employees and the people you serve.