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Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training from Protect Now

Protect Now offers the best cyber security training for professionals who must work with the public. Our cyber security training program was designed for public-facing businesses who cannot quarantine every email or block every phone number.

Where some cyber security organizations change systems, we change habits. We will teach you and your employees what to look for and how to react when they encounter suspicious emails, calls or text messages.


Cyber Security Online Training

Choose the Best Cyber Security Training Programs for Your Organization

Cyber Security Training Online

Best for individuals and small businesses. Our self-directed eLearning platform lets you choose the modules that are most relevant to you.


Guided Cyber Security Training Programs

Best for medium-sized businesses and state or industry agencies. Our cyber security trainer, Robert Siciliano, leads interactive cyber security training classes with vibrant question-and-answer sessions to improve retention. Training program content can be customized to your specific industry or agency needs.


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ThreatReady Cyber Security Training

All public-facing agencies benefit from this cyber security training, which uses simulated phishing attacks and microlearning to enable staff to identify and isolate malicious communications. After each simulated attack, you receive a report on response and customized refreshers to improve performance.


Security Awareness Training

Top-Tier Industrial Cyber Security Training

Our cyber security training program works because we get to know your needs and your people. We offer a customized solution using your existing systems at an affordable price. With threats multiplying online and increasing consequences for companies and organizations who fail to protect confidential data and personal information, cyber security training is essential for every employee.


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