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Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber Security Training for Employees from Protect Now


The problem with cyber security training for employees is that it can make them fearful. You can’t run your business without email, phone calls and text messages. Protect Now understands this, which is why we developed employee cyber security training that builds confidence instead of instilling fear.

In the real world, your business needs constant, open communication with customers, clients and coworkers. You can’t quarantine every email or refuse to answer the phone. You can offer end user cyber security training that manages the threats while letting business communications through.

Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Training for Employees That Fits

We specialize in fully customized and affordable cyber security training

Online Cyber Security Training

Our most affordable option provides a video library where you choose when and what you want employees to learn.


Cyber Security Training Seminars

Best for medium-sized businesses and state or industry agencies. Our cyber security trainer, Robert Siciliano, leads interactive cyber security training classes with vibrant question-and-answer sessions to improve retention. Training program content can be customized to your specific industry or agency needs.


ThreatReady Anti-Phishing Training

Take on one of the top threats with on-the-job cyber security training that provides simulated phishing attacks paired with ongoing micro-learning courses proven to improve employee retention and to change habits.


What Does Cyber Security Training for Employees Cost?

Protect Now cyber security training for employees costs as little as $99 for a complete online class that covers common areas of cyber security. Pricing for our seminars and ThreatReady is based on the number of participants.

We strive to provide one of the most affordable options for businesses who need cyber security training. Please contact us to discuss your training needs and our programs.


Security awareness seminars

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