Cyber Security Training Companies

Work with One of the Top Cyber Security Training Companies for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Protect Now is one of the top cyber security training companies for small to mid-sized businesses for three essential reasons:

  1. We developed our cyber security training for real people dealing with real-world needs. 
  2. Our solutions are customized to your business and your current systems.
  3. Our training is effective and affordable.

We rank among the best cyber security training companies because our training creates real change in the workplace. We don’t speak tech, we deal in practical situations. We train people to identify threats, to mitigate them with confidence and to report them for follow up.

Cyber Security Training Options

We are one of the few cyber security training companies to offer distinct solutions tailored to different business needs.


What is it? Self-directed cyber security training through our video platform. Learn and review on your own schedule whenever you like.

Who benefits: Individuals who want to improve their cyber awareness or small companies who need cyber security training for a few employees.


Live Cyber Security Training

Best for medium-sized businesses and state or industry agencies. Our cyber security trainer, Robert Siciliano, leads interactive cyber security training classes with vibrant question-and-answer sessions to improve retention. Training program content can be customized to your specific industry or agency needs.



What is it? A specialized anti-phishing cyber security training course that uses microlearning and simulated attacks over a period of time to raise awareness and change behaviors.

Who Benefits: Companies and organizations who must balance public-facing roles with the need to avoid phishing, spear phishing and other communication-based cyberattacks.


We Do What Other Cyber Security Training Companies Won’t

The fundamentals of cyber security training are universal, but the approach can be very different among cyber security training companies. Some teach employees to fear everything, which paralyzes your organization. Some are IT consultants who insist that you install their software and their system architecture.

We understand that you need your employees to work with the public in a careful and conscientious way. Our solution was built to enable salespeople, agents, public relations people and customer service personnel to do their jobs with confidence while identifying and mitigating threats.

Discover why we are one of the best cyber security training companies. Contact us to discuss your security needs and the affordable, customized solutions we provide.