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Cyber Security Experts

Affordable Cyber Security Experts for Business, Healthcare, Utilities and Municipalities

Congratulations! You’ve found the affordable cyber security experts who can help your small business, utility, nonprofit or government agency bulk up against cyber threats, phishing, malware, ransomware and identity theft. Our cyber security experts have decades of experience securing nontraditional systems and helping public-facing individuals manage cyber threats.

Need advice? Not sure where to begin?


Our cyber security experts will help you find affordable solutions.

Cyber Security Experts for Training, Monitoring and Consulting

Our cyber security experts understand how to mitigate threats from hardware, software and hackers, including sophisticated, professional hackers. We will match you with services that meet your specific needs, including the following:


Phishing Prevention

Our anti-phishing program uses microlearning and simulated phishing attacks to measure your organization’s response. After each simulated attack, you get a full debrief that shows how you responded and where you are still vulnerable. We then customize follow-up training so that every member of your team can confidently identify and prevent phishing attacks.



Virtual CISO Cyber Security Experts

Need executive-level information security support but lack the budget? Fractional CISOs, or Virtual CISOs, are C-Suite cyber security experts available as a service to evaluate your systems, harden them and work with your employees to develop and implement cyber security protocols. If you own a growing small business or run your own networks or legacy systems, this service can significantly enhance your cyber security.



Cyber Security Awareness Training

Led by Cyber Security Expert Robert Siciliano, our cyber security awareness training seminars can take place in person or online, as a one-day program or a multi-day series, with specific customization for your industry and engaging, in-depth strategies that change employee habits.


Robert Siciliano Security Speaker

Our Cyber Security Experts Are Flexible and Affordable

If you’ve looked for cyber security experts, you may have been put off by high costs, monthly minimums, bundled services or required system upgrades. We recognize that some like this “fortress approach” that builds seemingly impenetrable systems, then uses a “human firewall” to make sure that nothing dangerous gets through.

We built our solutions for everyone else:

      For the health care provider, utility or logistics company dependent on legacy software and computers
      For the real estate agents and law firms running a small office network off a WiFi modem from the local cable company
      For the nonprofits, banks and insurance agencies that must balance the need to protect sensitive donor or client information with the need to open emails and respond to texts

Our solutions are affordable, practical and scalable. You tell us what you need, or let our cyber security experts help you assess your risks and needs. Get started today, before you suffer a breach or find yourself scrambling to respond to a ransomware attack.

We strive to provide one of the most affordable options for businesses who need cyber security training. Please contact us to discuss your training needs and our programs.


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