Cyber Security Consultants for Small Business and Municipalities

Cyber Security Consultants for Small Business and Municipalities

Most cyber security consultants are not aligned with small business and municipal needs. Some insist on using particular programs or system architecture that won’t work with legacy systems. Some set up protocols that interfere with the way you do business. Some are simply unaffordable.

The cyber security consultants at Protect Now specialize in the needs of small businesses, agencies, firms and municipal organizations that work with the public and depend on legacy systems. We can train your employees to handle communications with confidence and improve the cyber security of any system that you operate.

The Best Cyber Security Consultants for Public-Facing Enterprises and Organizations

Our training teaches confidence, not fear. We understand that you need to open attachments, respond to texts and deal with unsolicited email. We offer a variety of solutions to help you securely meet your customer and client needs while protecting them and your enterprise.


ThreatReady Anti-Phishing Training

We use microlearning modules, simulated phishing attacks and post-simulation reports to change employee habits. This solution is tailored for each ProtectNow customer based on the results of simulated attacks, providing in-depth support where it is most needed.



Virtual CISO

Get the benefits of executive cyber security consultants without the cost. Using a fractional CISO model, you get access to experienced cyber security consultants to help you design, update and operate digital systems securely.



Cyber Liability Insurance

We will help you obtain insurance or meet the training and due diligence requirements of your existing policy.


Our Cyber Security Consultants Understand Your Needs

The cyber security consultants at Protect Now have worked with Fortune 50 companies and small agencies that connect office laptops via WiFi. Whether you're running a LAN or a legacy inventory management system, we can help you secure your infrastructure against hackers and train your staff to prevent intrusions.

Let’s talk about your needs. Contact us and we will help you find an affordable solution to improve information and cyber security.