Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security Consultant for Public-Facing Businesses and Organizations

Not every cyber security consultant is right for public-facing businesses. Some cyber security consultant companies want you to quarantine every email, or frighten your staff into avoiding every attachment.

We understand that you can’t operate that way. You need a cyber security consultant who can help you mitigate vulnerabilities and approach unsolicited emails, texts and phone calls with confidence. We created Protect Now to fill the gap and deliver workable cyber security solutions to companies and organizations that must interact with the public and do so swiftly.

An Independent Cyber Security Consultant Focused on Your Needs

Protect now is not a division of a software company or a larger IT or business consulting firm. Our cyber security consultant business is about security and security only. We teach the same techniques used by Fortune 50 companies to mitigate risks, including –


We also help you manage cyber security risk at the hardware and software level. Legacy systems are no problem; we will help you secure any system that you currently use.

  • Virtual CISO: Our outsourced CIO service uses a fractional CISO model to give you access to an executive cyber security consultant who can analyze, improve and monitor your security, help you safely store data or help you design and implement systems for immediate expansions or future growth.
  • Cyber Liability Policies: We help small businesses, nonprofits and municipal organizations get started with cyber liability insurance. We also provide full compliance support and due diligence compliance for any existing cyber liability policy.

A Cyber Security Consultant Should Be Flexible and Affordable

Cyber security is now an essential operational need for any business, organization or municipality with systems connected to the Internet. Professional hacker groups and state-sponsored attackers are always seeking vulnerable targets. If you think they can’t or won’t find you, or that you’re too small to bother, you will wind up in their sights.

We provide affordable, flexible solutions customized to today’s threats and the operational needs of your business or organization. Speak to a cyber security consultant today to discuss your current security and your concerns, or to learn how we can train your employees and staff to be the first line of defense against cyber attacks.