Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy for Public-Facing Organizations and Businesses

Our cyber security consultancy was built to serve public-facing small businesses, nonprofits and municipal customers. We understand that you want security, not a complete IT overhaul or employees who are afraid to open emails and attachments. Our cyber security consultants use the same techniques and strategies they developed for Fortune 50 companies to help you identify, assess and mitigate cyber threats.

Choose the Cyber Security Consultancy Services You Need

Our consultancy customizes cyber security solutions to your exact needs. There is no “program,” no software to buy, no required IT architecture. We secure your existing systems and teach your staff how to interact with the public in a responsible way.


Cyber Security Training

Whether it’s a training video, an in-person class or a web-based seminar, our consultancy offers solutions that are the right size for your company and your staff. We can tailor classes and webinars to specific threats and challenges in your industry.



Virtual/Fractional CISO

Our team of cyber security consultants provides experienced, executive guidance for information and cyber security without the expense of a full-time senior leader. Outsourced CIO service provides guidance on hardening existing systems and planning for future growth.



Cyber Security Policy

If you need a cyber security consultancy to meet due diligence or compliance requirements for an existing cyber security policy, we are ready to help. If you don’t have a cyber security policy, we can help you find coverage that meets your needs and develop a compliance program.


An Independent Cyber Security Consultancy That Puts Clients First

Our cyber security consultancy is not owned by a software company, a hardware manufacturer or a training firm. We built Protect Now because we believe that cyber security is essential for everyone, and because there are major gaps in the cyber security services currently available.

We don’t speak tech. We won’t force you to hire anyone, buy a particular brand of software or rebuild your infrastructure with particular equipment. We will help you find and fix security flaws and train your staff to handle communications with confidence and care.