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CSI Protection Certification

Cyber Security Employee Training

Our CSI Protection Certification Empowers Employees by Making Cyber Security Personal

Cyber security employee training is only valuable if it works. If you still spend time responding to phishing attacks, fraudulent emails and malicious software downloads, you need to step up to CSI Protection Certification from Protect Now.

Our employee training program has been built and refined from years of experience working with small and mid-sized businesses and independent agencies. We get results where others fail because we make cyber security personal. We tap in to the need people have to protect their own identity, then teach employees how to bring that same level of protectiveness to business data and systems.

Our cyber security training is a stand-alone service that works in any environment and with all other cyber security measures. Entertaining enough for employees to want to complete this training multiple times and simple enough for anyone to understand, CSI Protection Certification closes the biggest door to cyber intrusions: your workforce.


Security awareness seminars

The Four Facets of CSI Cyber Security Employee Training


Staff/Client Protection


Defending Against Data Breaches


Identity Theft Protection,
Prevention & Awareness


Social Media Security

  • Learn cyber security awareness strategies that work on all systems
  • Keep open communication with the public while mitigating cyber risks
  • No annual contract or additional services needed
  • In-depth seminars conducted via streaming or in person
  • Cyber Security Certification for all participants


Meet Our Head of Employee Training Robert Siciliano

Robert Siciliano is a cyber security employee training expert with more than 30 years of experience. Robert has written 5 books and developed the CSI Protection Certification: a Cyber Social Identity and Personal Protection security awareness training program. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC World News Tonight, the Today Show and Good Morning America, as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Fortune and Forbes.

Victims of business identity theft often do not find out about the crime until significant losses accumulate or someone discovers discrepancies on the books.

~ Robert Siciliano, ProtectNow Head of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training and Certification for Employees in Municipal, Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations

Enhance Security with Cyber Threat Training

We will customize a cyber security awareness training seminar or streaming classes for your small business, professional organization or state and municipal employees. We make these programs affordable and offer the same strategies taught by high-priced consultants. Whether in-person or online, our cyber security training courses include in-depth question-and-answer sessions to ensure that employees understand threats and the steps they need to take to protect personal information and essential systems.


    Learn cyber security awareness strategies
    tailored to your organization, staff and systems.
    We specialize in public-facing organizations.

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      "Robert’s class information was absolutely phenomenal and we had several agents saying so to him directly! The presentation was amazing!"


      - Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS®

      "Everyone was, and still is buzzing about your presentation!"



      “The information you presented was compelling, current and useful from both an enterprise and personal perspective.”


      - ellucian® Technology Management

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      "Your presentation was great…what every CIO should hear to remind us of the steps we should be taking both at work and at home to mitigate risk."


      - Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP

      “I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at Philly SIM. Although it scared the dickens out of me, the information is critical for both personal and company security.”


      - Cori Johnson Hayes, Inc.

      "It was an excellent presentation. The story about the ATM you bought was hilarious and extremely scary!"


      - Brixmor Property Group

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      "Thanks again for your wonderful presentation. I have seen you speak before and always am impressed! I hope you get to present to our group again."


      - Wayne County Airport Authority

      "Thank you so much! Loved your classes and they couldn’t have been presented as effectively by anyone else. Should be mandatory!"


      - Keller Williams Realty

      “I attended your course on ID Theft. It was one of the best and most well presented courses I’ve ever taken.”


      - RE/MAX Real Estate Group

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      "Robert’s presentation was very well received. He improved awareness, and instilled just the right amount of concern in all attendees."


      - Burke Financial Strategies, Inc.

      “All of the clients I spoke to on their way out were very grateful and thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. They found Robert very engaged, knowledgeable and passionate as well.”



      "Robert Siciliano is a fantastic speaker! People are still talking about what a great speaker he was and he spoke to us over 3 months ago."


      - Seattle Study Club Chapter

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      "Since I have ID Protection monitoring service I feel much safer. Convenient e-mail reports from Robert inform me not only about changes to my credit report or card transactions! I regularly get a sex offenders report from my neighborhood."


      - Lisa

      "There are so many cyber risks each company is exposed to! I'm glad I found a reasonably priced solution and our information and operational risk isn't as threatening as it used to be."


      - Kathy

      “ThreatReady’s light engaging campaign assets have effectively changed our employee’s perception on this important topic and we are thrilled!”


      - Darrell

      "I use this to walk to my car EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I click the button as I'm walking out the door, they call and stay on the phone with me until I get to my car."


      - Brooke

      “I found the course material to be excellent and the delivery riveting. I will highly recommend your course to my colleagues and share the ideas I learned with family and friends.”


      - Erin

      "If only I'd known all this before getting phished via e-mail... The course was very eye opening and I'm more cinfident on what might be a scam and when NOT TO open my e-mail or click on links."


      - Ralf

      "I finally feel I have full control over my online transactions and potential breaches. The 1 Million $ recovery policy is a nice addition and helps me sleep at night. I chose Family optiom to keep an eye on the parents too!"


      - Chris

      "We hear about companies being breached at least once a month. The decision about purchasing some kind of cyber insurance was only a matter of time. The policy is clear as well as the signing process."


      - Jason

      “You have a professional, organized and responsive team. The content is creative and refreshing. Your partnership in our awareness campaign strategy is invaluable and is just what we needed.”


      - Sam

      "I haven’t had to use it for real yet, but have set it off accidentally several times- they called within about ten seconds and texted within fifteen. They were so nice and I feel very comfortable knowing that it’s there."


      - Aileen

      CALL US: (800) 658-8311