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E-Learning for realtors

Mitigating Risk in Real Estate – CSI Protection Certification – Cyber, Social, Identity & Personal Protection for Real Estate Professionals.

Welcome to the CSI Protection Certification and Designation. CSI Protection is Cyber Social Identity and Personal Protection. A fully comprehensive certification training program designed specifically to give you the tools to protect yourself, your family and your business from hackers, attackers and thieves.

Whether you are a real estate professional, mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant or financial advisor, you handle personal and sensitive information. All these service professionals INCLUDING those in manufacturing and construction WIRE billions of dollars every year and criminals know to target them AND SUCCESSFULLY SCAM MILLIONS FROM THEM.

Risk is something we manage every day. The simple risk management tasks of locking your door before you leave your home or strapping on a seatbelt have become habits for most of us. And there’s more habits we need to create in a world that demands so. Enhance your safety and security skills working with clients by becoming competent in Information Security, Identity Theft Privacy and Prevention, Social Media Security, Personal and Client Physical Protection and Scam Fraud Awareness training as well as Wire Fraud Prevention.

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