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Boston 25 News: Boston Police Warn of Cell Phone Thieves Who Swipe Data, Banking Information

Boston 25 News Logo…Boston 25 reached out to security expert and CEO of ProtectNowLLC.com, Robert Siciliano. He says this is nothing new, but in the digital age, our phones become a treasure trove for thieves.

“If your phone is not password protected and your phone is stolen, bad guys have access to everything,” said Siciliano. He and police advise always using a pin code to access your phone.

…“It’s very easy for someone to come up behind you and use their phone and zoom in and record exactly what you’re doing over your shoulder,” said Siciliano.

He and police also caution people to always log out of apps, especially financial and banking ones.

“If your phone is stolen while you’re actually on it, that means it’s not locked and all of your apps are currently active and somebody could get access to them,” said Siciliano.

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